Simplifying Shopping Experiences


What if there was a way you could offer add-ons that simplified life for your guests? With new Stay Enhancement and Store apps, you can make curated experiences or products instantly available for your guests.

Whether you have an online store or an on-site shopping experience, Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality provides an easy and immediate way for guests to see products and make purchases that can even be shipped home.

A recent customer launched their new Monscierge in-room experience and added the shopping app to their configuration. By enabling guests to ship local products back home, they were able to spend more money and no longer have the burden of needing to pack additional items in their luggage. And it took the property owner less than 45 minutes to set up their local products within our web-based management system. In the words of Michael Scott, it’s a win-win-win.

The Monscierge platform is all about the guest experience. We’ve engineered the platform to help address the needs of individual hoteliers and offer playbooks on best practices and ways to remain in front of your guests and stay true to your brand.