PPE Impacts on Industry


What is PPE

You have probably heard the term PPE and may not have a good grasp of what PPE even means. PPE is an acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. COVID-19 has accelerated the need and expanded the use of PPE in the typical work environment. PPE covers make items, but the most common items are:

  • Gloves
  • Medical Masks
  • Respirators
  • Face Shields or Eye Protection
  • Aprons
  • Goggles
  • Boots

Shortages of PPE and workflow alterations have complicated many industries and have allowed companies to start thinking of options to use technology to help during this crisis. 

The “New Norm”

The changes in the world have affected the way people travel and interact with each other. Social Distancing is expected behavior, and in many places, you are expected or required to wear face masks. The guest or customer experience is now needing to be altered. Many restaurants are offering contactless delivery or pick up options where an associate will extend a tray with your order and take the items from the tray.  

In the hospitality industry, there are also new challenges. A guest may not be comfortable having a close conversation or receiving their door key; you just touched to encode to their room. At Monscierge, we have been working on systems designed around technology that improves the guest experience. When we examined the extent of COVID-19 and how it would impact the industry, we took it as a challenge to adapt, modify, and enhance our product offerings to assist our customers. 

PPE in Hospitals

Hospitals have many challenges in the current climate. How to separate those patients who may be infected from those who are not. One of the most significant changes we are seeing is in the waiting food for both admissions and Emergency rooms. Patients are being separated or asked to remain in their cars until they are contacted.

Once a staff member comes in contact with the patient, the staff member has to use their PPE to remain safe and reduce cross-contamination to other patients. This process is causing a burden on both the staff members and the supply of PPE equipment.

Many alternative processes are developing and one of which is provided by Monscierge. The Connect Video solution allows staff members to interact with the patients without using PPE through a secure video channel. The patient initiates the video chat and allows for lightweight admission and triage session to enable the staff to gather information and rate the patient’s potential for being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Another excellent use for this technology is in the hospital ICU. A live feed is used to monitor patients and initiate a video chat with the staff if needed. The ICU contains the most at-risk patients and thus requires a higher level of PPE equipment usage. By allowing for monitoring and communications to take place over a video chat system, the hospitals can reduce the amount of PPE they are using daily.

PPE in Long-Term Living

The most significant hit industry is the Long-Term Living industry. A large number of highly at-risk patients and residents living in these facilities need a shift in the way we interact with them to keep them protected. Many centers have been on strict lockdown for months.

Unfortunately, in the US, the Long-Term Care industry doesn’t receive the same attention other Healthcare facilities receive. Monscierge adapted the Connect Video product to allow for a communication tool between the resident and the staff or the resident and their family members. Allowing a video chat to the residents enables them to communicate with outside family members and physicians.

PPE in Hotels

Hotels are having to implement new processes and procedures. Many hotels will be implementing methods to include spraying for the virus after the room has been turned over, removing the in-room compendium, and only cleaning rooms after the guest has checked out.  

Some brands have also implemented a 24 – 48 hour period between guests so the room can be thoroughly cleaned. Companies like Monscierge have taken the in-room compendium and digitized it. The guest can now access the information on and Apple TV in the room, or via a web browser through scanning a QR code in the room. In addition, the guest can use a request system to notify the staff of issues in the place and request a cleaning when they are not in the room.


It’s easy to see many industries affected by COVID-19, and the approach can be different for each sector.  

“Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo

When confronted with an overwhelming challenge, people naturally start to adapt and look outside their normal thought processes. We can expect to see numerous new product offerings and operations over the next year. We need to stay safe and stay healthy.


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