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Hotel Inventory Management

As a hotel manager, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that your rooms are filled with guests, maximizing your revenue. But with so many variables to consider, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between occupancy and room rate. This is where hotel inventory management comes into play. Inventory management involves deciding when and how to … Read More

The Game-Changing Streaming Solution

Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality is a game-changing technology that hotels can use to improve guest satisfaction. This innovative solution allows hotels to provide guests with a convenient, interactive, and personalized experience directly on their in-room televisions. One of the critical features of Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality is its ability to provide guests with easy access to hotel information … Read More

Simplifying Shopping Experiences

What if there was a way you could offer add-ons that simplified life for your guests? With new Stay Enhancement and Store apps, you can make curated experiences or products instantly available for your guests. Whether you have an online store or an on-site shopping experience, Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality provides an easy and immediate way for guests to … Read More

Are Your Events Enough?

Events can be big business. Whether your property hosts weddings, corporate events, or basic meetings, you undoubtedly take your event space seriously. But what if you could do more with your events? Monscierge offers multiple award-winning digital signage tools to help handle your events. Our platform enables hoteliers to create and manage events within the Monscierge Experience Engine web system … Read More

Food Delivery Eating Your Lunch?

Over the past five years, online food ordering and delivery growth have increased by over 20%. Whether guests are ordering food from popular vendors like UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, or heading out, is food and beverage eating your lunch? We can help you fight back. Monscierge helps increase your F&B and keeps your guest’s money on-site. One of the critical points … Read More