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The Benefits of Streaming TV

Streaming content has its own set of benefits compared to casting, and that’s why it has become the dominant method of consuming digital content. Here are some of the benefits to streaming content: Access to a vast library of content: Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content … Read More

Monscierge the Hotel TV Solution

Monscierge is a popular provider of hospitality technology solutions that can enhance the guest experience in hotels. There are several reasons why Monscierge is a good choice for smart TVs in hotels: Customizable: Monscierge’s technology is highly customizable, which means that hoteliers can tailor the content and services provided through their smart TVs to meet the specific needs and preferences … Read More

How Much Additional Revenue Do You Want to Make?

How do you make an extra $15,000? Easy. Use Monscierge. We’ll show you the math. Our hospitality TV solution opens doors to a better guest experience and adds money to your wallet. Apps like Enhance Your Stay offer up revenue centers that enable upgrades and upsells that help generates revenue. But more importantly, they help create memories that your guests … Read More

Brand Building with Video and Top Shelf Content

One of the latest exciting features added to Monscierge’s Hospitality TV solution is the ability to feature full-screen video and featured content on the top shelf of the TV interface. These new features help put your brand upfront and highlighted content even more accessible. Whether you add a promotional brand video or an explainer video welcoming guests, viewers are 80% … Read More

Experience Enhancement and Additional Revenue with Guest Requests

Monscierge’s request system accommodates guest requests which help connect with the property. But it also can help create revenue and create new compelling experiences that drive loyalty and great reviews. Guests at a hotel making requests isn’t new. But the idea of taking requests, tracking them, and accommodating individual workflow actions to handle assignment and delivery is a core component … Read More