Apple TV and In-Room Entertainment


The phrase “Bring Your Own Content” has been floating around the industry over the last few years, initially brought on by travelers streaming content to smartphones and laptops, but now delving into the realm of smart TVs in the guest rooms. This is a natural move now that people are no longer limited to a viewing schedule at home. Bringing that level of choice during travel is a great way to make guests feel more comfortable.

A key preventative for brands in this trend is data security, namely finding a way to remove any potential guest data from devices before the next guest arrives. To address this, Monscierge has partnered with Jamf, experts in mobile device management in various industries such as healthcare, so hotels can confirm that personal data is not accessible from the in-room devices upon check-out.

Providing guests with the means to view content as they choose from their own accounts is only way to utilize Apple TV in guest rooms. For more ideas, see our other posts in this series.