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Keep Up with Changing Star Ratings

You know it better than most. You live and die by your star rating. How are you keeping up with changing star ratings?

Stop Gambling Your Ratings

How do you judge your property’s performance? Do you look at your ratings? TripAdvisor score? During a poll, only around 42% of rental owners actively reviewed their ongoing ratings. Owners who actively reviewed their scores on average maintained higher occupancy and increased revenue. But what goes into reviewing scores? Potential guests look to ratings and reviews as a gauge for … Read More

Your Guests Want a Guidebook

Is it a guidebook, in-room compendium, welcome book, directory, or the house rules? No matter what you call it, your guidebook is a central way to share information with guests. But there are better modern experiences that offer considerable leaps in value and benefit for both guests and owners. The digital compendium is the solution. It’s the digital means to … Read More

You Don’t Have to Love Your TV Provider

People sure love TV — but they don’t love their TV provider. Many cable executives have tried to pretend their industry isn’t in the middle of a monumental industry shift. Still, amidst consumers demanding more choice, a turbulent economy, and a global pandemic, cord-cutting is real and taking over. Endless rate hikes, complicated contracts, extensive service fees, and a lack … Read More

Financing SaaS and Hardware Solutions

The way clients order and pay for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions continues to evolve. While many SaaS offerings are available on a month-to-month basis, many solutions involve hardware and are multi-year contracts. This practice, which is common in the industry, can often present a financial challenge for upfront cash or a payment — particularly for companies recently hit hard by Covid-19. … Read More