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Heading Off Negative Reviews

73% of guests will leave a review, but 88% use reviews to make their decisions. One bad review can affect your overall rating for months, which affects your overall ranking, bookings, and ultimately your pocketbook. The difference between 4.2 and 4.1 is whether a room gets booked or not. The reality is that rarely are great experiences highlighted. More often, … Read More

How We Build Trusted Connections

Trust. Who do you trust? Who’s broken your trust? Years ago, a group of us sat down to document Monscierge’s core values. One of the critical values is trust. We build trusted connections. It would be easy to make promises and never deliver, but we choose trust instead. We’re often on a first-name basis with many of our customers, and … Read More

Tech and Hospitality 2018

Vacation time is upon us as 2018 comes to a close. On the occasion of the last post before the break, I wanted to speak one more time about the importance of face to face communication even with the continuous advance of technology. Some brands are hesitant to bring technology into guest communication, fearing it will corrode the very essence … Read More

Mobile Use During the Stay

We surveyed travelers around the world to discover how they use technology to enhance their travel experience. Some of the most surprising information came from the queries surrounding mobile use during the stay. As expected, use of a hotel’s mobile app to decrease standing in line for check in and check out was a top-rated feature, but we also found … Read More

Winning Ratings and Reviews

Travel bookings, whether done by computer or mobile, will never again be separated from internet searches, recommendation sites, and reviews. Hotel companies that view this transparency as an asset take measures to delight guests, keep reviews positive, and sometimes change perceptions when a guest is inclined to complain. In days past, complaints may have been left to comment cards or … Read More