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Food Allergies and F&B Safety

Text-based communication in hospitality is significantly on the rise. We’ve talked many times about how to use it to enhance rather than replace the personal touch so vital to the essence of hospitality. But one of the ways that is most important is the accuracy it can bring to F&B orders. Anyone who’s worked in F&B knows that accuracy is … Read More

Better Together for HITECTX

Written by Media and Brand Director, Crystal Robinson Something interesting happened a couple of weeks ago when our partner Jamf was visiting our hotel experience lab. We were working on simplifying the story of how efficient customers become when technologies they use daily truly fit like puzzle pieces in a “better together” scenario. At one point, Jamf stopped us and … Read More

Hotel Loyalty as a Two Way Street

Just like any other relationship, loyalty begets loyalty between hotel and guest. Social media usage allows that dynamic to play out further in that loyal guests now see sharing and recommendations as a natural byproduct of loyalty, and creating shareable experiences is top of the list for generating that loyalty to begin with. Hotel staff should be trained and empowered … Read More

Apple TV and In-Room Entertainment

The phrase “Bring Your Own Content” has been floating around the industry over the last few years, initially brought on by travelers streaming content to smartphones and laptops, but now delving into the realm of smart TVs in the guest rooms. This is a natural move now that people are no longer limited to a viewing schedule at home. Bringing … Read More

GDPR and Consent Requirements

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect in May and organizations that collect and store data on consumers are making the last changes for compliance. We’ve already touched on general compliance and the definition of data for this regulation, so today I want to talk about consent. Strict consent standards are going to be a key portion of … Read More