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FOMO is Real

FOMO is real. Your property is under review every day. So it’s part of the job to maintain consistently high standards. The minute you lose focus on the guest experience, it’s the minute someone looks at another property. The marketplace is crowded. Whether you’re a hotel or a vacation rental, you’ve got some tough competition with few exceptions. How do … Read More

In-Room Health and Gaming

An often overlooked feature of Monscierge’s in-room hospitality TV is the ability to provide additional “comfort technology” to guests. Monscierge not only provides hospitality apps and television, but we also provide access to gaming and health. With guests spending up to 12 hours in their room, there’s no better opportunity to connect. With on-site closures of gyms and other activities, … Read More

What Makes Great Apple TV Branding?

Apple TV for Hospitality enables properties to brand the in-room experience. Colors and brilliant imagery can highlight your property and help reinforce your brand with guests. The following is a helpful overview of what makes excellent Apple TV branding. The Apps Monscierge provides five individually brandable Apple TV for Hospitality apps. The web management tool, Experience Engine manages the app … Read More

Upgrade Your Events

65% of properties include space for weddings or other types of events. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, conference, or other meetings, the Monscierge platform can highlight your property’s events. Apple TV for Hospitality, Digital Signage, Connect Messaging, and even our Digital Directory help shore up the end-to-end guest experience. Showcase on-site events and provide exact times, locations, and other pertinent … Read More

How We Make Things Easy – Part II

One of our four guiding principles is that we’re “easy to do business with.” No doubt you’ve encountered companies that seemingly make things a challenge. How does Monscierge make it easy? We see the connection between our guiding principles – easy to use, easy to scale, easy to do business with, and affordable for everyone. In 2019, we shifted everything … Read More