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December Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Robinson

Content Specialist, Elizabeth Robinson How long have you worked for the company?   Since September, 2010. What do you do in the course of the work week?  My responsibilities include training and monitoring the other researchers and making sure the content they input is done correctly. I answer any questions they might have throughout the week and get them any images … Read More

3 Risky Marketing Campaigns that Worked more

ROI in Training and Staff Development

Measuring the ROI in training is a challenge. Individualized staff training isn’t really noticed until it’s not done. It’s difficult to measure a tangible bottom line as influenced by intangible human qualities.

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First Impressions: Hotel Lobbies

The front desk/lobby area is the only chance you have to make a good first impression. How can your lobby “dress to impress” and set the tone for the rest of your facility?

The number one requirement, of course, is cleanliness.

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5 Reasons Wayfinding Technology Increases Guest Comfort

1.  Everybody feels more at home when they know what is around them, and how to get to where they need to go. Easy access to wayfinding technology helps travelers feel more at home and at ease with their surroundings.


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